Our Staff in Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa

DD: Jack of all trades.

Tsegaye: Hyperactive, Driver with fluent Oromifa skills, mechanic, Guard, he is a complete asset for Moplaco.

DD: Branch Manager

Manager of Dire Dawa Branch, and Commercial Banker by definition. Admasu handles all issues with documentation during the opening of an L/C, and handles our staff kindly and responsibly. Otherwise known as the Mayor of Dire Dawa as he knows practically everyone

DD: Store Keeper

Hirout is young on our team but very active and good at what she does, keeping order and high spirits.

GM of Addis and Dire Dawa

Heleanna, New to coffee, has been the General Manager for the past 8 years.

AA: GM Assistant

Hannah: Q Grader, a tough negotiator, born in Hirna, in the midst of Harar, she has Coffee in her blood. Hannah has been with Moplaco for over 10 years.


Sisay: HR manager and project coordinator, so far his toughest job has been dealing with the Yirgachefe administration. A recent member.

AA: Ops & Logistic Manager

Sisay: The smooth operator. Correctly so he is the Operational Manager of Moplaco, and a true problem solver. Any tough assignement, and here we have many, is given to him. Been with Moplaco for 15 years.


AA: Jack of All Trades

Workiye: The WOMAN in Coffee by all definition, Workiye is a tireless young spirit, handling documentation for export, quality control and now is practicing and working as a young and upcoming Barista. 

DD:  Q Grader, & quality controller

Mignot: Born in our hands, she is a very good cupper and a tough cookie. 

AA: Guardian of Our Stores

The guardian of our stores and responsible for all men that come and go, Mohammed has been with Moplaco for more than 45 years. 

AA: Guardian of Our Coffee

Our store responsible, Aberash controls all arrivals and all departures. She is a permanent member of this company as old as the walls practically.

Addis Abeba

Phone: +251-116455999 | +251-116456008
Fax: +251-116456012
Bole K/Ketema, K:14, House Number: NEW
Dire Dawa
Phone: +251-25113453 | +251-25113971