Moplaco & La Marzocco

A partnership based on shared values: a love of coffee, care for people, curiosity and science as the driving force

Our relationship with La Marzocco started while attending the international coffee trade fairs and developed from the need and desire to bring good brewing to Africa and especially Ethiopia. The range of products we offer is limited compared to the range La Marzocco offers in general but is suitable for both the electricity instability in Africa as well as the need to have good solid machines. However, one can order from us any product they wish. We aim to train people to serve good coffee and also maintain the high standing of the machines. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly with any queries.

La Marzocco  is an Italian maker of espresso machines, and its machines are consistently considered in the top rank, particularly since the introduction of the dual-boiler GS series in 1970, and its machines are widely used in specialty coffee shops. It was founded in Florence (Firenze), Italy, in 1927, by Giuseppe and Bruno Bambi. 


License Agreement

Moplaco is the proud distributor of some of the best machines in the Espresso Industry as well as grinders.
Lamarzocco is an Italian company, that exists since 1927, with values that we believe resemble ours, and our traditions. It has a focus on people and quality, and we believe that these are the machines that could do justice to the best coffee, Ethiopian coffee.
Moplaco is offering 1 year of free service for preventative maintenance and warranty, as long as instalation of the machine, and 3 hours training on the machine and its service. The long life of a machine is guaranteed by the proper servicing.



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