Tailor Made Green Coffee Export

We are predominantly a green coffee exporter with passion for quality. We source our coffees from either the central auction or from our own farms keeping in mind two parameters: deliciousness in the cup and respect for the communities around us.

Green Coffee Export – Preparing Coffee for the Discerning Consumer

One of the most common questions we get is: What is the role of the Coffee Exporter in Ethiopia? Exporters play the role of linking coffee microproducers with the market. As simplistic and trivial as it may sound, exporters source coffees from the central auction, selecting for their markets’ specific needs, and then they ‘prepare’ these coffees.

When a coffee comes from the central auction, it is definitely not ready for export, nor has it yet found its market. That can only happen once the coffee is assessed and then eventually prepared for its final market.

What does preparation entail? In our case, preparation utilizes both machinery and a female staff to ‘clean’ the coffees from defect and hand-sort to export standards. In our Addis Ababa warehouse, we purchase washed and sundried coffees from all over the country (except Harar) that are processed in separate and specialized facilities that are uniquely equipped for each process. Our antique looking facility in Dire Dawa is used for the export of Harar coffee. This facility is as old as us.

The importance of women pickers in the whole process cannot be emphasized enough. Women, as always, play a fundamental role in our coffee production through ensuring that our quality will be deserving of our market.

In addition to our export facilities, we have facilities in Yirgachefe where we produce our own special natural/sundried Yirgachefe coffee. We have developed our own fermentation techniques which we believe brings special attributes to the sundried coffees from this region. Owning land in the area allows us to export this coffee directly to our market.

Lately, Moplaco has begun to expand into farming so that we can begin to directly trade coffee outside the auction from our own land. This coffee will thus be fully traceable and prepared by us from the beginning to the end.  

The needs of an evolving and dynamic market pushed us to create our own unique processes, brands and blends to complement and enhance the modern art of coffee craftsmanship.

Sundried Yirgachefe evolved from the firm belief that sundried coffee has the potential to produce an explosion of flavours in the cup. It was an experiment that started 10 years ago and won Moplaco the “Taste of Harvest” twice. It has since created the new trend in the market of specialty sundried coffees. It is a careful process that develops a cup that tastes like strawberry-lemon pie.

‘The Queen of Coffees’, Harar Boldgrain represents the best of the best from East Harar.

Our special brand of single-origin coffee from the very highlands of Ethiopia. This coffee grows at altitudes up to 2300 meters above sea level and just like the people of the area, it demonstrates spiciness and oomph. In the Oromifa language, Mataraha means ‘the new brain’.

A coffee as elegant as tea, from the lower parts of coffee growing regions, yet so suprisingly refreshing, like green tea, with sligh flowery notes.

A coffee from Yirgachefe that is difficult to process and control because cherries are supposed to mature and dry on the tree. This is a coffee that is similar to Sunyirga, only more exotic and subtle, as it is sweeter. A true sundried coffee on the tree.

We also have other brands to suit different needs of roasters such as: Gebena, Tigretto, Abysinian Mocca, Blue Camel, Highland Crown, Silky Meher, Queen Sh’ba, Black Elephant, Shicoco, Red Fox, and Unicorn. Each has a distinctive flavour culled from the richly diverse Ethiopian regions and they are carefully selected or blended for a unique coffee drinking experience. 



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