Our Farm

A farm in the birthplace of coffee: our dream meets reality

The location: pure primary forest; the only environment the wild boar will live. It’s fed by four small rivers and close to half of it grows virgin wild coffee varieties.

The mission: to celebrate Limu by cultivating native coffee varieties and honey while preserving the forest. We will work together with our neighbours in these endeavours and together develop a sustainable community for both the land and its people  

Coffee Flower

The beginning

The seedling, the most important element for any beginning..... We will work closely with JARC (Jimmah Research Centre), to find the best coffee fitted for the area, that will preserve the forest, restore the terroir, and bridge the need for the final good result of a great coffee.

Coffee Flower


To grow, one needs affection, care and love. these three pillars, span from the farm to the people around the farm. We will be working closely with the local community, so that all of us can grow together, cared for and feeling loved.

Coffee Flower


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