Social Responsibility Projects

A Commitment to Sustainable Communities - Projects motivated by a desire to develop healthier, safer and environmentally sustainable communities


The School

Moplaco, with significant participation from the Costa Foundation, realized one of the pending dreams of its founder, Yanni Georgalis; to build a school in Yirgachefe.  8 years, ago the dream was materialized.
We aimed to create a better space for students, that would encourage them to come and attend classes. The school has improved not only its grades and its classification among all the other schools in the area, but now more girls and more students attend. Having said that, it is an ongoing feat, and every year we aim on improving something. With the help of our clients, and our friends, the school has undergone a major reform and improvement. We hope to be able to continue that in a sustainable way, that would benefit education among youngsters, and also participation from the community.

Coffee Flower

Women in Coffee

Moplaco strives to improve within and around. Women play a major role in coffee, that is always underpaid and undervalued. Although the topic has become more and more discussed little is actually done.
We give on the job training for many of our young pickers, in various aspects in the life of coffee. If the seed of will is there, we provide the soil for growth. Women are also surounding us in neighbouring farms and sites. We encourage women to work with us, pay them better, and we supply them with equipment that will allow them to also become active beekepers, and earn additional income that will allow them to send their children to school.

Space to Grow - Job Training

We work with small farmers around our sites, that sell coffee to us. We ensure proper training for them to prepare better coffee, and better pricing for coffee that meets our standards.
The work we do with the outgrowers help our surounding neighbours grow with us, and help us grow with them.

Be Part of the Change

If you would like to partner with any of our social projects, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The school in Yirgachefe is always in need of funds that will be used to improve the learning conditions of the students. For our women in coffee projects, we are currently looking to raise funds to increase our beekeeping training for women in in Yirgachefe and in Limu..

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