Bi-Annual Updates

Bi-Annual Updates

Coffee season is coming to an end, for both producers and exporters, and Europe and the world will go to the Summer mood. This year, as every year was unique in challenges, as Ethiopia experienced drought that not only affected gravely its population but also the harvest of its crops including coffee.

Yirgachefe seemed like the hat of a magician, because the coffee kept on coming, despite the initial rumours that the coffee was very little. and it was! But then the Q is how did it multiply?

Djimmah, was the great dissapointment, with coffee very poorly prepared, full of defects and maldy.

Lekempti was a beautiful coffee this year, with coffee well prepared and cleaned. Sweet, and floral it would have been the great surprise even for the Middle Eastern countries that buy poor coffee.

Sidamo, had mixed feelings.Guji did not have the tea cup taste it usually does, however this coffee can never be a disappointment...

Limu, suffered from pest damage and yellow beans

Kambata and Arusi ECX locations delivered in many occasions Past Crop coffee, or coffee that was so woody and poorly processed that left us wondering if there were stocks from previous years that were mixed so that they can be sold from their store.

Harar: Little but good. Very good in fact.

Now, the famous ECX of course came with many surprises, such as revising the previous quality system to one that is poorer in result, that created a poorer coffee for export as the one expected. Despite our cries, it seems that ECX adjustments are ONLY made to accomodate ECX itself and its operations and not the actual need of exporters or of buyers.

Traceability and Tagging are still on experimental phases, but now finally we have started to scan and obtain such information before shipment. There is a long way to go to make the system efficient and operational. One thing for sure, it is time consuming, and we need to have a designated person doing this job ONLY.

We hope the new year will bring better surprises. We hope that football will bring to some happiness and to others new initiatives and objectives. We hope that ECX comes to its senses.

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